Personal Narrative : What You Do Know? Essay

2217 Words Mar 31st, 2016 9 Pages
it off, because it meant you had something to hide, and then you would be questioned. It keeps a record of everywhere you go and sends it to the government. It is very seldom used, and when it is used, its for a crisis or very important situations. I dig a hole with my hands to put my detector in. Once I have it off and in the hole I burry it. I can’t help but think maybe one day I’ll be able to burry these memories. I start walking around. I have no clue what to do know. I have the cure and Flynn is with the government; if he didn’t get a chance to escape. For the first time in my life I feel regret. Regret of coming out here with Flynn, and getting ourselves into this mess. I call Flynn’s name. Afraid of being too loud I whisper it instead of yelling. I deicide to head back towards where the vehicles were, but I end up disappointed when I find that everyone 's gone. I head back over the tracks and walk on towards home. When I reach the other side I notice a familiar voice. Miles. I look through the bushes and notice a few dim lights, that are bright enough to show the outline of the government vehicles. “We need to find the girl. She has the cure.” “We don’t have the detector; we must have lost it while chasing her.” “Oh trust me, we’ll find her. We can’t have some kids ruin what’s planned.” Miles walks away. “What are you going to do with the boy?” the man calls out. Miles turns around and says, “Were going to use the boy to get her.” They have Flynn and…

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