Analysis Of Sikeman's Deadliest Battle

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SikeMan’s Deadliest Battle
*RIIINNNGGGG* *CRRAASSHHH* “Ahhh, give me 5 minutes i just wanna sleep.”.....”Fine, i'll get up i thought that i set this darn thing to 8:00 not 6:30.” Drake said as he yawned and fell back into his bed full of fluffy cotton pillows. “Mise well go down stairs and make a cup of coffee.” Drake gets up and puts his feet on the creaky oak wood floors and goes to the kitchen to make himself a steamy cup of coffee. As he is sipping on his warm cup of coffee he hears a faint knock on his door. He walks up to the door and opens it up to a familiar face, his friend Mike. “Hey Mike, what are you doing here i thought that you were and a business trip to florida.” “I am heading out in a few days thought i would come by and talk
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Then he inhales the once warm crisp air and exhales a deep breath and claps at the same time. “MWAHAHAHAHA SikeMan won't know what hit him.” says Captain Fat Belly. “Well yeah that tree out there hit me first so you're a little late to the party.” Captain fat belly pulls out a blaster and aims it at SikeMan. “Wait let's talk for a second before you make any haste decisions.” says SikeMan. “How did you get in here there is no way.” “It doesn't matter what are you planning to do and how did you know I was in hiding and taking a break.” As Captain Fat Belly Rambles on and on about how he set this up and how he got so much information on SikeMan, SikeMan scans the room for anything he can use to defeat Captain Fat Belly. He find another blaster and lunges at it picks it up off the table and hits the floor with a thud. “what do you think your going to accomplish with a hurt leg and blaster, show yourself.” says Captain Fat Belly. SikeMan leans and peeks out the side of the table and shoots Captain Fat Belly in the leg. “oh yeah how does it feel we are even now.” says SikeMan. SikeMan gets up and aims the blaster at Captain Fat Belly and shoots at his blaster. SikeMan calls the cops and goes to the doctor. With Captain Fat Belly in jail he can now sit in his house in peace sipping on his

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