John Proctor Monologue Analysis

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As I watch John Proctor struggle for breath along with Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse, I realize that this witchery has gone too far. This wasn’t my intention. All I wanted was to be with John Proctor. I just wanted him to love me and get rid of his harridan wife, Elizabeth. She is infuriating. The way she talks, the way she walks, the way she does things makes her so perfect that all Proctor sees is her. But all her actions are fake. She’s supposed to be the one blamed, not me. Now the whole people of Salem are against me. They’re all blaming me for witchery.
Men are now getting the dead bodies down. I see John Proctor lifeless. People are crying; however, their faces are mixed with hate. I can’t blame them, people have died. I didn’t want
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Why did I do that? No, I have to stop this nonsense. I’m getting trapped in this delusion. The man grabbed my shoulders. I see his furious face looking into my eyes, deep into my soul. He makes me remember John Proctor’s face when he was threatening me. I can see it in his eyes; the raging anger he kept inside him. People are now looking at us. The man is just getting worse. He’s still holding me by my shoulders and starts yelling at me. I didn’t even care what he was saying. All I know was that people are now looking at us, and I can’t be noticed. Salem will know, and I’ll be hanged. I had to fight back to get out of the situation, so I slapped and kicked him hard.
“Let go of me!” I yelled at him as I try to have teary eyes to get the people’s sympathy. The man fell into the ground, however nobody tried helping him. People were shocked and confused what was happening. I quickly ran into the barge and hid behind the big boxes. I looked out and I see the man get up, but he didn’t try to chase me though. I hope he didn’t know who I was. People are now loading the ship, women with their children and men carrying their luggages. However, I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, but it seems like the people from Salem are here searching for

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