Personal Narrative: The Day Of My Life

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April 16, 2015. It was a Thursday, and I had just finished writing an exam for a night class I was taking. April 16, 2015 was the day that she left, and the day my life was flipped upside down. The day started out as any other, there was no indication that it was going to happen; we all thought our lives were going well. She clearly didn’t think so. Because I was taking night classes, I would always call my mother while I was walking to my car after class, as I was uncomfortable walking to my car in the dark. The semester was over; I just had to write one more exam. While walking to my car after the exam, I called her. I called her eight times and there was no answer. I called my dad 5 times, and there was no answer. I texted them …show more content…
When I got home, my dad was in the basement crying, and my mom was gone. She claimed that she had had enough, she was feeling depressed and suffocated, and she was leaving. She left my dad, my two older sisters, and myself completely stunned. She came back the following week and said that she wanted a separation. As an excuse for why she left, she brought up things that happened within the family in the past, situations that had been dealt with years ago, when they happened, but still bothered her. After a few months, they finally sold our house. The house that had been ours for years had become a constant source of negativity after she left. They bought two new houses: one for mom, and one for dad. They allowed us to choose who we wanted to live with, and after much talk and debate, I ended up staying with dad, while both of my sisters lived with mom. My dad and I became a team, while I felt like I …show more content…
I honestly this situation helped my parents and, now that they are back together, made their relationship much stronger. When my mom left, she was in a very dark place. She was depressed and need to see what life was like without anyone holding her back. After living on her own for almost a year, she realized that she made a mistake, and she came back. My dad was extremely confused and upset when she first left. He lost a lot of weight and struggled immensely. However, after the first couple of months, he picked himself up, got healthy, started working out, started going to church regularly, and began to find himself again. He hadn’t been single since he was a teenager, and he didn’t know who he was without my mother, so he met himself again and worked to discover what was most important in his life: his family. I think that if my mom never left, and if they were never separated for a year, my mom would still be depressed, and life for them would be stained. As difficult as this year was for everyone, I truly believe that it changed our family for the better, and if it never happened, the five of us would not be as happy as we now are. After my mom came back, there was a shift in the family dynamic. We are all now living together as a family again, most of us go to church together every Sunday, and, overall, we are a much happier and loving family than we were

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