Personal Narrative : ' The Current ' I See A River ' Essay

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Treading The Current
I see a river which is clear as glass on a winter morning and reflects what is around it. It is deep, but by looking at it most people think it is shallow and unchanged. I feel like that river. Most people look at me and believe I am bratty or they think that my parents give me anything I want, instead of realizing how deep my thoughts and actions are. Many new classmates think that I am hard to talk to, because I walk around with a straight face. I also mirror my friends, especially in actions and thoughts, just as the river mirrors its surroundings. As the river moves downstream I feel myself change. I also experience new ideas and I start to understand the world’s problems. My innocence is lost as I learn about wars, deaths, and terrorism, which started my growth as a high schooler like pollution mixes with clean water. My entire life I have went with the flow, like the ripples in the water. All through high school I’ve been told that I have changed like a river, but it doesn’t feel like I’ve changed at all. I walk into the high school for the first time as a freshman. Excitement bubbles within me like steam leaving a river. Even though I have been in the high school for basketball games for many years, everything seems different. The hallways are packed with groups of friends and are filled with loud voices and laughter. The seniors tower over me and the excitement drains out of my body, being replaced with butterflies which constantly move in my…

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