Personal Narrative Science School Straight Out Of High School

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When I was only ten years old, I told my mother I wanted to be a funeral director and/or embalmer when I got older. Thirteen years later, I am still saying that same phrase, but only this time it is hitting a little closer to home. I have been waiting 4,745 days to finally be able to say that I am only one year away from achieving that long term goal of mine and I could not be more excited. Although I knew exactly what I wanted to do at such young age, I did not apply to mortuary science school straight out of high school like I could have. After I received my academic honors diploma from high school, I attended Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame. While at SMC I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration while concentrating in Marketing and Management.

For thirteen years, I have answered so many questions regarding my field and occupation of choice. However, the one question I have answered numerous times is why I wanted to or why I am choosing to enter the funeral service profession. I must say, first and foremost, that my heart is taking me in that direction. I do not follow any family members’ footsteps in this profession, it is truly just a calling for me. However, it is also the satisfaction and the ability to be a part of the last thing one can do for the deceased and their family. No matter the circumstances or age, death is never easy and I feel a need and passion to do whatever I can to honor the deceased while also providing support and…

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