Personal Narrative-Sacrifice Or Immigrant?

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It all started one morning I was getting up and going in the kitchen to get coffee. I heard a silent groan and I got scared. I went and checked what it was and I saw a man who looked like he got burnt. So I slowly went back in my room and woke up my husband Junior. When I woke him up he was confused on why I was so scared. That’s when he sat up and asked me what happened. I froze in a dead because I was too scared. Then I started stuttering because I was trying to explain it.
“I I I saw a guy in our backyard and he he looked like he got burnt” I said
“Just calm down I will go look and see what’s going on” he said As he goes out and looks I follow behind him. He takes a look out the window and he seen a bunch of people running down the street while being chased. The he looked at me and said that we need to leave. We started packing our clothes and stuff. When we heard a loud bang coming from the garage so we worried. So we went out and looked and saw this man who said he got attacked. We didn’t know how he got in our garage so we asked him. We also asked his name his name was Gerald.
“Um sir how did you get in here” says my husband
“Your garage is cracked so I crawled underneath in hope off safety” he said
“Come inside and we will talk about
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I’m scared of heights so it’s horrible. Then we started going in the building and it was quiet we heard a couple creeks. Then we heard a grown so we started walking slowly and we crouched down. As we were walking the groaning grew and got louder. I felt like crying but I knew I had to stay strong we started walking slower and I tripped. Then my husband held my mouth and held me so I wouldn’t move or anything. Then we slowly moved up and the floor creaked under Gerald’s feet. The zombie heard it and started freaking out and running toward us so we ran. Then more and more and more kept coming when we got to the stairs we locked the

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