Personal Essay: The Most Significant Events In The United States

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The event that took on the evening of November 20th, 2014, it was so horrific and strange that nobody would think that this would ever happen to them. Imagine that you are driving carefully and by following all rules and regulations of traffic, but from nowhere, a car crosses the intersection in front of you and smashes into your car perpendicularly bumper to bumper. It was that event that happened with us on the intersection of John Fries Highway intersection with Allentown Road. During the accident, I was sure that nothing would go wrong because at my sight, I thought we were going slow, but when it crashed, it sounded pretty loud. After the accident, me and my dad’s mind went blank for a few minutes and then when we came to our senses, we …show more content…
Later, we went inside the room and we sat and we waited for the head of the USCIS to come there. When I sat in the chair of that room, I was thrilled seeing the colors of the walls, seeing the huge flag of United States, and seeing the cleaned chairs and floors of that room. In that room, I had a feeling of a court because the front chairs were arranged in such a way that it looked almost like a court. In the next hour, the ceremony was taking place and things were occurring were some videos were shown of America and the president’s speech where he welcomes all immigrants from other countries, and oath was taken. After the ceremony all citizens and their families were asked kindly to exit the building and go on their paths. Then around 2:00 p.m., after having the ceremony completed successfully we headed to Clinton Park in Newark, there we sat for an hour and took a chill break. The environment of this park was amazing with good smelled flowers, pretty colorful birds, and other interesting things such as animals and snakes. In the park we discussed on how it feels after being a citizen of America and what are our responsibilities to become the best American of all. My experience after exiting from that building was something that I was unable to explain it in words. It was something that almost every resident from other countries dream

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