Personal Narrative: Personal Experience In High School

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As I am waiting on the side steps of the stage, I patiently stood as they read off our names alphabetically. My hand is temperate, as I am clutching onto the chilled metal stair railing. I could hear the surrounding people in the room clapping and cheering, as it echoed throughout the building as each person was walking across the stage to receive their own diploma. I could feel the butterflies in the pit of my stomach, as I had been waiting for this day for as long as I could remember. The day I was achieving something significant in my family. I thought to myself, I am the first person in my family to graduate high school. The feeling is inconceivable as I hear my name be called, I glanced up and saw my family as they were standing and cheering …show more content…
Remembering that I was the first person to succeed in graduating high school, and going off to college was the last little push I needed to achieve another important thing to me also. As I was paying for the ticket, and placed myself in line for the elevator, my stomach felt more wishy washy than ever. Thinking to myself I started to begin reading the facts signs surrounding me; such as the building was built to show an honor of the World’s Fair in 1962. With the chance to see something beautiful, and with the elevator arriving, I was walking into the elevator room, and began to patiently wait for others to scoot on with. The elevator doors went together, and we came up quick. We went from one hundred, all the way up to the observation deck. As I was stepping off the elevator, and walking through the door to the outside deck, the view from the deck was eminent. With the 360 degree view of the city, you could see everything. The city view was extensive, as you could see the sun glisten off the water, to the sculptures on the sides and tops of buildings. Looking out at the turf and buildings all at a distance, it was as if you could jump from one place to the next. Looking down towards my feet, you could see the people that were scurrying like ants scattering from one place to the …show more content…
I was conquering my fear of heights one step at a time. I could feel the warm feeling in my stomach and chest as I was realizing what a big step I was conquering. I am beaming with happiness, and that I am able to see the magnificent view at such a high point. I was never going to forget how just the little push of me graduating, is making such an impact on me for conquering a fear I had always wanted to conquer.
The trip to Seattle was incredible, as I got to see so many new and exciting things in a whole different city. Conquering my fear of heights, and seeing such an outstanding view of the city was definitely a bonus in the overthrow. Experiencing such amazing new things with an important person to me, and being able to call myself the first high school graduate in my family was indescribable; let alone me saying I was the first to go off to go to college in my family also. I will never forget, the day I saw from

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