Personal Narrative Of The Foster Care System Essay

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Personal Narrative

Not all children who are in the foster care system are adopted. As a child becomes older, his or her chances also become smaller. Siblings are often separated into different homes, sometimes depending on age or gender. However, when I was nine, I was adopted with my younger brother. Being adopted at that age allowed me to understand the happiness of holding a permanent place in the hearts of people I love, to recognize the blessing I was given with having the same foster and adoptive parents, and to appreciate being able to remain with my brother.

At the age of nine, I had an understanding of emotions. If someone grinned, I knew that person was happy or at least pretending to be, and if a person furrowed his or her eyebrows, I understood that meant that the person was angry or in deep thought. A classmate would speak of his or her parents, while sporting smiling or pouting faces. Speaking of my parents required that the person I was talking to have background knowledge about me and my foster parents. Not everyone had that, so I typically avoided telling my friends about them. After being adopted, though, I could say “my parents,” and everyone would know who I was talking about. Not only did this make my life easier, but it also gave me the ability to express happiness, annoyance, and other feelings just as my peers expressed. The place I hold in my adoptive parents’ lives is irreplaceable. It cannot be exchanged like an ill-fitting…

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