Personal Narrative : My Spiritual Journey Essay

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My Spiritual Journey The world we live in makes it easy for individuals to question whether God really exists. There are many people dying due to the wars taking place in the Middle East and many people dying as a result of the gun violence in this country. The deaths caused by bad weather have some people questioning how God can allow these things to happen to innocent people. When we look at the devastation the island of Haiti has suffered over the years it is easy to cry out and say God doesn’t exist because the island is being hammered year after year. I was once one fo the individuals who questioned God existence but I have come to know him as a God who seeks to liberate all of his children. The God I am referring to is able to set the captives free, release you out of bondage and deliver you from the hands of the unrighteous. There will always be a theological debate on the Triune God because we will never know the full answers to how they operate together. However, I believe God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one working together to liberate anyone who will have faith and is willing to trust in God. As Calvin points out there is a distinction of how the three work together not a division. I will look at my journey and share how I arrived at this point in my life where I see God as a liberator. My journey to coming to have a relationship with God started at home with my grandmother. I can recall when I was a child my grandmother would sit me and my…

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