Personal Narrative: My Sister Changed My Life

When I was 12 years-old, my older sister was sick. She was having depressive disorder, or, most people call it—depression. Her illness was like a dark cloud overhead. She was struggling, couldn’t go to school, couldn’t work, the only thing she did was staying home and cry. She used to visit a psychologist twice a week, but never got better. The medicine she got had made her sleepy both day and night. Her condition had given everyone in the family a very difficult time. My mother was so worried that she couldn’t sleep at night. She tried to talk and to guide my sister, but their conversations always ended up with quarrels. She will then turn to me and say things like don’t become someone like your sister or don’t be affected by her. But how can I not be affected by her? My sister and I lived in the same room. I had seen my sister writing her journal entry in the midnight. I had heard her crying in the dark. I had felt her toss and turn in bed, but couldn’t go to sleep. Her emotions came to me like invisible waves, but with great impacts. I felt bad for my mother as well as for my sister. She was worried about my sister and me. She had putted all her expectations on me. I suddenly …show more content…
Work harder! Be more reliable, so they can rely on you. Can’t fail your mother, otherwise she will lose her hope. I don’t mean that I’ll learn or do things just for them, I take my mother’s expectations on me as a power to help me go further in life. Always try for the best, for my mother, my sister and myself. Though it was not a good experience to have my sister to be sick, but I will not become who I am without that. This is a very important incident in my life. I had experienced great transformations through it, mostly psychologically, in the way I would think about things. There are unfortunate things in life, but I will always try to make them better, and learn from them, to make myself

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