Personal Narrative-My Last Night At Earl Knight Field

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Last night was my first trip to see a game at Earl Knight Field and also the first time seeing Huntington play.
The stadium is a nice little place with a good amount of seats on the home side and like most older type stadiums to few on the away side.
The crowd last night was a huge one for a home game and in talking to a few longtime Huntington fans, they all said the crowd was bigger than any they remember at any home game last season.

I heard from the great Coach Hollon, the head coach from Paint Valley and he had let me know that four starters were game time decisions, after the game I spoke to him and he said only two of them played. I want to thank the coach for talking tome for awhile after the game last night and as always wish him and the Bearcats a great season.
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I had to ask the lady selling them twice to make sure I heard the 10 buck price.

The opening kickoff was received by the Bearcats Austen Blevins, who sprinted 57 yards up the right sideline for a touchdown. The point after by a Facebook friend,Jacob Ott was good and the score stood,7-0 with 11:48 left on the clock.

Huntington would go to the ground at the 11:27 mark of the quarter but Jesse Lewis was plowed down by Ott and Alex Walker for a one yard loss. Then at the 10:27 mark of the quarter Huntington quarterback, Elijah McCloskey was picked off by Buster Trent. The young Bearcats played the first series very well, almost like they were showing their fans that they had put last week behind them and were ready to move on.

The Young Bearcats offense lost the ball when, #60(not on the roster I have) pounced on a fumble with,7:30 showing on the clock.
Once again it would be the Bearcats defense coming up big at the 6:33 mark of the quarter when Jay Riley picked off a McCloskey, to give the Bearcats the momentum

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