Personal Narrative : My First English Essay

816 Words Sep 29th, 2015 4 Pages
My First English Essay This is my first essay in this class and its nerve wrecking. The fact that it counts so much as a grade makes me sweat. I 'll tell you some of the techniques I use that helped me write this essay. Like what made it easier for me to write it, or how I composed the essay, and what helped when I got writers block. I don’t have a favorite place where I write or a special technique. I am not the type to sit down in a desk and have my paper and my pen in front of me or or line the pencils in a straight line. When I write, like for this assignment I use my laptop. I will put my laptop on my lap and turn the music on the background, usually Pandora. This helps me concentrate better than sitting on a desk . It might look like I am not able to concentrate but if it is too quiet while I write my mind wonders and I end up stopping to check on things around the house. I wonder if I started the washing machine or if I need to turn off lights or swipe or mop the kitchen floor. I get too distracted that I can’t think about school work. Writing at night after the kids are put to bed also helps because no one is stopping me to ask me something. This way I give the kids all the attention while they are awake. I help my 5th grader and 7th grader with homework and also with 4-H. They have 4growing goats that we have to take care of every day. So nights are easier because everyone is asleep and I don’t…

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