Personal Narrative : My Father And My Grandpa At The East Noble High School

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This picture shows more than just me and my grandpa at the East Noble High School after I received the honors of being on the all NHC Second Team for basketball after my sophomore season. It tells a story behind a very strong man with his grandson. My grandfather, Michael S. Nichols, was more than just a grandfather; he was a friend and an amazing role model. I remember walking off of that stage and walking out of the auditorium and looking at him; he was sobbing. I looked at him and asked him why he was crying, He told me he was so proud of me and wished he would’ve taken care of himself better so he’d be healthier. He loved watching me play ball. He loved it so much he even paid for me to play AAU basketball when my parents couldn’t afford it. AAU basketball is very competitive and is highly scouted. He told us that it would benefit me most to get me in AAU as soon as possible, so in the eighth grade he got me on a team coming out of Fort Wayne and paid the full six hundred and forty five dollars for me to play. He wanted to ensure that I had the most exposure to college coaches and to help

me be the best player I could be so when a college was looking at me, I would look like a halfway decent basketball player. But all of that changed when he passed.
Ever since he died on the chilly fall morning of October 15, 2015; nothing has been right. Family has been split and basketball hasn’t been as enjoyable. The family used to be inseparable when he was alive, than he passed.…

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