Essay on Personal Narrative : Living My Souls Purpose

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Living my Souls Purpose My career path choice came from my own lack of self-understanding in my life, as a result I developed an ambition to know more about myself, others, world and the human mind. Society is crowded with many divergent kinds of people, which establish problems of how to live, solve problems, work together and live with oneself. It is in these situations which psychology serves its function by creating answers to these questions. Since an early age I had great aptness to help myself and others. My passion to help others came from the lack of direction and guidance and knowledge that I experienced in my childhood.

Growing up in a home with parents that abused drugs made the state of my environment uncertain and full of chaos. The orderliness and predictability that should make a home atmosphere safe were sacrificed by drug addiction. As a child of parents of addiction it was nerve wrecking living a life of uncertainty of how mom/dad will react on any given day, creating a deep sensation of insecurities. Expectations were unclear and inconsistent, the lack of structure force to me to take on a large role of self-reliance. I suddenly became responsible with the up keeping of our home, preparing meals and caring for my younger siblings. Taking up such responsibilities caused me to harbor resentment for my parent’s unwillingness to overcome such problem. I often felt rejected and unimportant causing me to…

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