Personal Narrative: Instillectomy And Recovery

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In November of 2010, I got my tonsils taken out, at eight years old. It really affected me because in the year of 2010 alone, I had already had strep throat about five or six times. It had been going on since we moved to Ohio, from Indiana in 2009, and it was just getting worse. My doctor was worried and we were sent to an ENT doctor, which stands for ears, nose and throat. I still know my doctor and go to get checked every six months. So from my tonsillectomy and recovery, here are the moments I remember. When we started driving on the morning of the surgery, I was exhausted because the night before, I stayed awake, anxious for the day coming.
What will happen? and how long will it take? and will I be okay? and will I have to stay overnight? and what if I don’t wake up? I thought all of these thoughts to myself that night, making me even more nervous.
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What would happen if something was wrong? I wanted to know the answer to that question, but everything ended up being perfectly fine. I went back to school in the middle of the week, and I felt so much better than before. Everyone asked me things like, “What did you eat on Thanksgiving?” My teacher had asked me, “Did you eat a lot of popsicles?” I knew that she was trying to make it more exhilarating, for me, when I came back.
They wouldn’t let me participate in PE or recess and I remember thinking to myself, I thought the doctor said I was done with recovery. This experience really changed me and taught me that - mostly - everything will always be okay. I was only eight years old, and it will be five years ago that this happened. I was so afraid of what was a major surgery for me, where something could go really wrong. And, I am so glad I did it because I have only had strep throat once since 2010, which is an astounding change. In my lifetime, I have gone through five surgeries. Each and every one have benefitted me, especially this

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