Essay on Personal Narrative : Experience Of Marriage

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Experience of marriage My grandma used to say, "people have three steps in life which are birth, marriage, and death". I get to experience my marriage. When I was eighteen years old, I got married. I still remember the day I was getting married. All my family, relatives, and friends were around me. Some people were saying I was too young to marry. Some were wondering how could I handle the huge family of my husband, but I got to do what I get. I just thought "wow" I am getting married, and I will soon have a husband, but far deep inside, I was scared, nervous, and happy at the same time. After that day, things changed in my life. I became housewife, mother, and had the responsibility of taking care of the house. Based on my culture after married the bride have to stay as a housewife with groom 's family and take care of everything. My husband had a huge family with lots of members. As I said, I was too little with the skinny body. Being as a housewife I have to cook, do the laundry for everyone in the family, shopping for kitchen, and taking care of my mother in-law. One day I was extremely tired by doing all the house work and I could not cook food. I thought, I will cook after I get some rest, but I got caught by sleep. I heard my husband voice and I woke up and ask him when did you came. He looked mad and yelling at me, "I am very hungry, why you didn’t cook nothing? What were you doing all day at home?" Those words truly hurt me and I just cried there.My…

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