High School Football Narrative Essay

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I remember the feeling of walking out on our soccer field in a uniform line next to my best friends. There was something about knowing that we were going to be the best team our school had ever seen was something truly special. Our school is very well known for our football, wrestling, drill team, and softball. Soccer has never really been a sport that other schools were nervous about playing us in, but we were sure that was going to change this year.
Our first game of the preseason went exactly how we wanted it too. We blew out the team with a score of seven to one. The wins kept coming and our confidence was continuing to rise with them. It was the fourth game of the season and we were playing Waterford. Waterford were the defending state
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My team was my family for that year. We practiced all summer together and even won a tournament in St. George as a club team. Halfway through the school year and it was time to begin. We opened up the season with a bang. We won our first nine games straight. In fact, in every single one, we won by a margin of at least two goals. You could say that we were confident in ourselves and where we were heading. The tenth game had arrived, and we were playing the Layton Christian Eagles. LCA was a school that only consisted of foreign exchange students. There was not a single American on their team. We had already beaten them this season five to one but this time we were playing on their field. Their field was a very small one and myself and many of my other teammates could've kicked a ball three-quarters of the way down it. This did not benefit our playing style, we were a team that was at the top of our class in passing and spacing. We ended up losing this game three to two, but for some reason, we weren't down after. The reason we did not feel down after was that all of us thought it was better to have our loses out in the regular season rather than the postseason. We continued through the games and continued to beat up on teams as we did at the beginning of the

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