Personal Narrative: Lian Yu's Suicide

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When I was 18 I was forced out of my house, my village, my island. Lian Yu was my home for 18 years before I was forced to leave. My island was run by soldiers controlled by the corrupt government. We were heavily watched and had no connection to the outside world. It had been 5 years without a mother or a sister, my sister committed suicide because she couldn’t handle the burden of life, and my mother passed from a sickness she had received when working.
Lian Yu was a difficult island to live in. the majority of the island was rainforest with a small bit of grass land where the village is. The island was outlined by ragged cliffs with one small cove where the adults send fishing boats out and where the children swim. My father and I were harvesting our crops one summer’s day, the heat of the sun weighing down on us. When group of soldiers approached us with guns loaded in their hands they told us the leader wanted to see us. My father refused the order, so they struck his head with the butt of their guns. I passed out from the shock.
I woke up to a bucket of gasoline being poured over my
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The man with the mask cut me off of the ropes and let me go. I ran as fast as I could to make sure those mad men didn’t catch me. I needed to return to my village to get medical aid. I heard barking in the distance behind me I needed to run faster, the low hanging leaves wacked my bare chest increasing the pain. A stench grew the closer to the village I got. The stench was made up of a rotten smell mixed with ashes. The trees parted way when I got to my village I could see everything, the burning houses the piles of dead corpses. I ran to see if anyone survived, tears ran down my face. My legs ached in pain from running; I fell to the ground and screamed. I have failed this village, the one thought racing through my mind, I shouldn’t have given them

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