Descriptive Essay: A Rose Of Civil War

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A Rose of Civil War When the war started at Fort Summer, North Carolina on April 12, 1861 I was only 17 years old. At the beginning of the war the Southern states had 9 million people and the Northern states had population of 22 million people; I was one of them. They fought in thousands of different places, beginning from southern Pennsylvania to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France. Over five years of fighting, soldiers were dying because of starvation, diseases and combats. As I remember, the bloodiest battle was at Gettysburg, near the southern border of Pennsylvania.
My knowledge is so historic now, as well as my experience. Gettysburg was a quiet place prior to the battle and not a lot of people knew about that place, except those in Lutheran College and Theological Seminary. Little did I know that one day there would be groans of wounded and dying in the air, and filled with shattered and dead bodies everywhere. The terrors of war only known to those who have seen and heard them. Many of fathers, brother, mothers and sisters are gone and sleep their last sleep under the grass. During that horrible fight, my civilian townsmen were as patriotic and brave as it was possible without any weapons nor bullets. They remained true to the Union. Few went to the battlefields, some pointed out to the unbeatable positions and
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Our teacher told us to run home as quick as we can. And I ran fast until I saw them, human beings on horses as I reached the front door of my house. In my little mind I was trying to find an answer to how humans can hurt humans and what is going to happen to us. They wanted horses, money, clothes, food and pretty much everything even whiskey. In a few days on Tuesday, I had never seen so many soldiers at one time in any other places like I did that late morning. Nobody knew what was about to happen but knew it was a great military

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