Personal Narrative Essay: The Gift Of Love In My Life

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There’s always a time in your life where you look back and you’re very thankful for everyone and everything that made that moment very special. The gift of love is the best thing I have ever received in my whole entire life and that will never change. My parents and I have been through many ups and downs in during my childhood. I was the only child for about 8 and half years. At first, it was the best thing in my life. Just me, my mom and dad, we would discover the world together and see the fun in every single moment around us. As I started to grow up, the world became much clearer. I started to realize what was happening. My parents were constantly busy, and there were many heartbreaking events. Now when I look back, it’s really hard …show more content…
We started taking major trips around the continent such as Disney, Canada, and Outerbanks. I'll never forget those heart-melting memories where I would sit on my dad's shoulder and see the dolphins swim into the ocean or those spontaneous water fights or tickling fights. I was 7, I was striving in first grade. I had never felt more happy and beautiful in my life. My parents were successful than ever. One night, my parents and I were fooling around on the bed. I was laughing my heart off with our tiniest jokes. My dad interrupted and told me to come to the bathroom. My mom followed me and her hand was on her stomach. My dad put me on the sink counter and had the camcorder in his hand. I was so confused on why we were in the bathroom but eventually, everything made sense afterward. My parents started to ask me what is the best gift they could ever get me in my life. I was 7, I didn’t understand the importance of life, and besides life is short so you gotta enjoy every small thing. So what like every other 7 years old, I answered another trip to Disney or a trip to Canada, a Barbie doll, etc. My parents burst out into laughter and told me to keep guessing. I couldn’t guess where they were going with this. Finally, my dad revealed my mom was pregnant and that I was going to have a baby sibling. I jumped off the counter and hugged my parents. It was literally the best gift my parents had ever given me in my entire life. We were in the bathroom for another 2 hours if I recall, I amazed my parents with my imagination that night. It was true, I always wanted to a sibling but I was too oblivious to realize it at the

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