Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day Of My New School

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(Insert date this happened) was like any other day. I went to all of my classes and hung out with on the swing with my friends. I heard the bell ring telling us it was time to go home. I skipped to my locker, grabbed my backpack and jacket, and headed to the bus. The house smelled amazing when I got home. I found my mom in the kitchen and told her about my day as I do every day. Then she said something I don’t hear a lot. Mom said, “Your dad and I want to talk to you when he gets home”. It was strange; it felt like my mom was hiding something really important from me because usually she wouldn’t have waited for my dad to tell me something. I answered, “Yes mom” and dash to my room. I finished my homework and quickly rushed downstairs. When I scurried downstairs I heard my dad arriving home from work. As usual I ran to hug him. He whispered, “Family meeting tonight.” But Mom just told me that, I wondered. Was it really that important? Did I forget to clean my room? Questions ran through my mind. I had never

I wander into the kitchen because the aroma of the food cooking is overwhelmingly
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I remember the first day of my old school. How nervous I was. I remembered when I walked into the classroom and everybody staring at me like I was a statue, but all the people that were staring at me were the people that became my best friends. So if my first day of my new school, was any like the first day of my old school I knew that I will just do fine. When I walk in the classroom, the teacher asked me who I was. I told her, “Hello my name is Heeral, I am the new student.” She rapidly introduces me to all of my classmates. Everyone seemed nice and said hello but then went back to their small cliques. I could hear the students saying, “Who is that new kid and why is she here?” After my classes it was time for lunch. I sat by myself, nervous to sit with other kids. At this moment, I started thinking what my friends in Chicago were

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