Becoming Parents

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The Decision of Becoming Parents
Throughout one’s life challenges and hardships may arise. For a married couple Juan and Lucinda, these obstacles were just beginning. The couple has moved two times, lives in a small apartment with one bedroom in the heart of the city, and struggles financially. Financial issues can be detrimental to a marriage and cause chronic stress to both individuals. The couple does not have a dependable motor vehicle and use public transportation for most of their needs. Moving residence multiple times and being away from their families makes them feel lonely. Lucinda dropped out of college to support her husband but now would like to attend law school, a very time consuming and costly task. Each choice made thus far has impacted their life significantly, however the decision to reproduce is a decision that impacts another living being. Several factors such as a parent’s ability to support a child financially, support their physical development, and cognitive development, as well as to provide an environment in which a child can be raised are key factors in raising a successful and healthy child.
Financial Outlook
Being a parent begins in utero, for the next 38 weeks taking a toll on the mothers’ body and her choices effect the
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Erikson’s first stage in his theory is trust versus mistrust which takes place during the first year of development. He stated that infants learn trust when caregivers are attentive to one’s needs in a compassionate manner on a regular basis but, may build mistrust if needs are not met (Santrock, 2015, p. 120). Each theorist had a different view on attachment but Freud, Erikson, and Bowlby all saw the importance in attachment (Santrock, 2015, p. 121). This is important to remember when considering Juan’s work schedule and Lucinda’s interest in returning to school as well as their lack of social support from family and

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