Personal Narrative Essay: The Birth Of A Child

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The receptionist at the desk of the hospital could not print my badge fast enough, I was eager to see my sister and her baby. I do not think you are supposed to run in the hospital, so I walked down the hall as quickly as possible. My heart was racing, and my hands were shaking. I was filled with so much emotion I could not control my body. When I reached the room I slowly opened the door making sure it was okay to enter. My sister, Kelly, looked up at me with an amazing smile as she lay in the bed holding her first child. The twenty-four hours prior to meeting, my sister’s first-born child came with a multitude of emotions. The journey was a roller coaster of unplanned events, but it was all worth it in the end.
I was planning to attend Salisbury
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During orientation, I was so distracted anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby. No one in the family knew if the baby was a boy or girl and my excitement kept building. As the hours passed, I still had not received an update from my mom. I decided to call and find out how things were going. My mom informed me that my sister was still in the same stage she had been a several hours before. When I was born, my mom had been in labor for forty-eight hours before she had me. Selfishly, I was hoping the labor would be long and the baby would not come until I got there.
After the Salisbury University orientation, we went to Ocean City to visit friends. My emotions were intense but I was trying to focus on other things besides my sister and her having the baby. While we were at dinner, that was all my friends talked about. We decided to go to Jolly Rogers after dinner to ride on the rides. Jolly Rogers is the park my mom, took my sister and I to during family vacation. Walking through the park entrance began to bring back some great memories. Just at that moment, my phone began to
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When they came to pick me up I was thrilled. Relieved, I was finally on my way to see my niece. We stopped for lunch and I was filled with so much emotion I could barely eat. The drive to Baltimore was only an hour and a half, but it felt like forever. The past twenty-four hours felt like a week with all I went through to get there. We finally arrived at the hospital and I could not wait to get inside. I was trying to be polite and walk with Seth’s parents, but they were not walking as fast as I was. All I wanted was to see my sister and my niece,

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