Descriptive Essay On Ruby's Diner

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Ruby’s Diner Once or twice a year I visit my mother. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my step-dad. One of my favorite things to do is to go eat at Ruby’s Diner with my mother, Amanda, and step-dad, Roma. After about 7 hours total at the airports and a two hour drive I am extremely hungry, but I am also very excited. For the first day, of my ten day visit, we’re going to one of my favorite restaurants, Ruby’s Diner. It is the heavens of freshly smoked meats. Everyday they cook and smoke fresh meat behind the counter, which you can watch; this meat ranges from chicken cuts, pork cuts, and beef cuts. My step-dad, Roma, 24, is a big guy: he’s about six foot three and over two hundred pounds of Army muscle with one sleeve of tattoos on his left arm and he loves to eat! He budgets just about everything unless it comes to food. We love to go out to eat so much, we’re just there to have a good time. For example, we didn’t eat breakfast or lunch one day because we planned to go to an old Texas styled steakhouse where we both got twenty-five ounce steaks with two sides. The way we bond is our love …show more content…
Roma and I can’t stop talking about what we’re going to order. “How many pounds of ribs are we going to get?” asked Roma with a big smile, I reply, “What about the brisket?” As we’re talking my mother can’t help, but laugh. Her name is Amanda and is one of the sweetest people you will meet. She’s about five foot two and very small. She works at an animal shelter and loves it because she’s passionate about animals. This way she can help find abused and stray animals caring homes. She has a grey and white Pitbull named Maxuel Creed who is about ninety pounds and a boxer named Blue Jean who is about seventy pounds. Blue and Max both are very cuddly and friendly dogs, especially Max. I couldn’t sit down anywhere without him trying to snuggle up onto my

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