My First Basketball Game

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I was in seventh grade, the first year of middle school and it was my first basketball game. When I woke up I already was so pumped to play. When my mom woke me up I felt like nobody can stop me from playing this game and that meant that we were going to dominate this game. I also felt that nobody was going to ruin my day that day because I was going to play a basketball game today. When I went to school I had athletics for first period and it was a lot more fun than the other days because we played a game we call Buffball. It is basically a game but if your team scores or has a turnover the next person goes. We always do that on game days and it's really fun. Then I want to second period and all I really remember is that a girl named Analiese look really pretty …show more content…
We mostly just play around on the bus ride over there but the coaches always tell us we need to be focused. If we win we play on the way back also. I feel like the bus ride takes the longest to get to Merkel because it is right on the edge on not taking a charter bus. We finally arrived at Merkel and I was so ready to play but for some reason I was really nervous because I didn’t want to mess up and get taken out in our first game. I mean I have played in many basketball games before but there was something different about this one. It may be that the teams are more competitive or that the coach wasn't related to me in any way like when my uncle coached me at the YMCA. I thought that it was cool that I earned my spot on the starting A team line up. There is a lot of different ways that this was different but I think that the change was for the better. The B team was during halftime now and my team went down there to shoot around. It was pretty fun how I remember it and how it is fun now. We weren’t really playing that time during that halftime or I wasn't because I felt like I was in a zone and my shot was

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