Narrative Essay On Individualism

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Personal Narrative Essay (Draft)
Individualism, America abounds with two groups of people, a group that tells you to be yourself and a group that tells you to do whatever you want. All my childhood I struggled with fitting in, I wanted to be just like everybody else. But, I wasn't I lived in the inner-city ghetto, wore hand me downs, and poor. To me, it had been a long seamy, somber and sorrowful childhood. I was never more independent than when I was growing up to be a teenager I am today. During my journey of growing up, I faced many hardships like getting bullied by students to dealing with situations back at home. I was always that girl in school who was ostracized from cliques at school. On top of that, my teachers were always so prejudiced
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I was going through a lot, from being scared about getting separated from my parents to not being accepted at my school. I felt unwanted: suicidal thoughts. Luckily, I had a best friend named Amber who helped me through my rough paths. But sometimes she couldn’t be able to help me because she had her own issues to deal with. We couldn’t relate to our situations because she got separated from her parents and got put into foster care; she was molested in foster care. We always got treated poorly inside and outside of school. No one was there for us or cared. I just couldn't do my best in school because my teacher made me feel worthless when I was trying my hardest in school. But I knew I couldn’t give up when the road got tough, I had to be dedicated to my goals to become reality. At first, it wasn’t easy; I had to linger at school and asked if my teacher needed help with anything. He did, so I helped out by disinfecting the tables and chairs. I would do anything for him to like me and finally, accept who I was. After a couple of weeks of helping my teacher, he said to me, “ Kelly, you really changed these past couple of weeks and I’m impressed. I see that you’re really taking advantage of the free education you’re getting because other people would kill to be in your place. You helping in this classroom makes it seem like you care about the school and your classmates.”At last, at that moment, I took a breath of …show more content…
Why? I didn't want to be like my parents who struggled their whole life finding a job and not having any education. But, I am forever grateful for them because I always had a roof over my shoulder, a fed belly and clothes. My struggling parents made me work twice as hard to accomplish my goal I had set myself. My parents raised me to become an independent, dedicated and a hard worker. A quickly realized the value of hard work at a very young age. There were many occasions in my life where I couldn't do activities that other kids did or go out with friends because my parents couldn’t afford it. Since my parents worked full time, every day after school I would help them out by picking up my brother from school. We then had to take two buses home. It was an embarrassing time for me because kids would see me hop on the bus with my brother and criticize me. They knew I was poor and I didn't have anything; they continued harassing me throughout the years. I soon later realized that i don't care if they criticize me it only makes me stronger and different as a person. I want to achieve in academic success so that when i'm older i can provide for everyone in my family and be first generation to go to college. Even though i was always focused on helping my parents out and on my academic classes the hard work paid off it taught me that working hard was vital to life. Like my mom always told me, “

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