Personal Narrative Essay: My Greatest Strength In Life

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Narrative Essay

Just like Vince Lambardi said: “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” I believe that no matter how many times you get knocked down as long as you get back up you will be successful. I have gone through rough patches in my life. Last year I struggled with some of the things in life. Spring break last year I was having fun with some friends, we thought that by going on private property of another person was fun. It was fun, until the police showed up. We knew we were wrong and what we had done, but now had to face the consequences. That night I ended up getting arrested and going to jail, that night was also when i realized I had to get it together. Everyone makes mistakes, that was one of the many
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I have an average size immediate family which includes: my dad, my mom, and three brothers. My intermediate family is enormous. My dad and mom are the best parents. My mom 's greatest strength is always being there for me no matter what mood I am in or how I am feeling, I know she will always support me. My dad, hands down, is the best cook. He is always in the kitchen cooking up some good food. I am the youngest of my brothers, my oldest brother’s name is Ryan, then there is Jake and Chris. Ryan has never lived with me because he is in the military, but Jake and Chris live with me. All of my brothers graduated from Fort Osage. My grammy is the best person I know, she is funny outgoing and bunches of fun. In 2009 my grammy took all of my cousins, my brothers, and I to Florida. I was fun, she took us to Disney World and to the beach. My favorite part of Disney World was spending the time with my cousins, and I loved the roller coasters. It was nice to have some different roller coasters other than the ones at Worlds of Fun. Going to Disney World was fun, but the beach was better. The moment I put my feet in the sand I knew that was the place for me. I would love to go to the beach again or maybe even move down there some day. While we were in Florida I found a dog, he was a stray dog. I wanted to keep the dog so bad, but my Grammy would not allow that. When we got home from Florida …show more content…
My love for football is unreal. I of course love watching football, but I love playing football more. When I was eleven I started playing football for the pop warner team. Pop warner is a football team to start out the younger kids. We had a little team of Indians, and we were the best little guys out on the field. I have stuck with football and still play to this day. What is crazy is not only I have stuck with football, but most of the team I first started playing with still plays with me till this day. Not only have I gained a passion for football, I have gained some friends that will last a lifetime. I know that no matter where life takes us after we graduate we will have a bond that will never be broken. That also goes along with all of the fans and the supporters. There are so many parents that have supported and became close with the team and that bond will never be broken. In the past years the Fort Osage football team has done big things. We have made it to state in Saint Louis two times in the past 6 years. I know that our Indians this year will continue that tradition and keep doing great things. I hope that this year we get the opportunity to go to state as well.That would give the seniors this year something to be proud of. This year our football team has the most seniors to ever play on the team. There are 30 seniors playing football this year, that is a huge number

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