Personal Narrative Essay: My First Crushs

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*My First Crush*

In October 2009, when I was just eleven years old, I did something that changed my life forever, something foolish, crazy and dumb. I was so young and immature, I didn 't ever think that one day, would have so much of an impact on my life, but it did...

What i 'm about to tell you, is something very personal to me, something that I have told next to no one about, something that has affected not only my life as it was back then, but still affects me to this current day. This is the story of my first crush... let us start at the beginning.

It 's Spring, the flowers have just started to blossom and the trees and bushes are beginning to grow. The temperature hovers around 23 degrees Celcius and sunny. I should be happy, i
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The idea couldn 't have been more terrible, school was absolute Hell, it couldn 't have been any worse! The people in my class all treated me differently, I couldn 't tell if it was because I had started during the middle of the year, because I was from Melbourne or because I was simply the new kid. But it caused me right from the start to dislike school.

The classroom, a jumbled disarray of papers and materials, the desks scattered with stationary objects ranging from a pencil, sharpener and eraser to coloured paperclips and glue sticks. We were meant to be crafting a piece of creative art, but the room is a mess, and so are the students.

As I escape the choas that was the classroom, my heart felt weak and my body numb, it was recess, I *hate* recess.

I don 't really have a friendship group, so the first thirty minutes consisted of me walking around looking for a group of people I could blend with, eventually I found some people two grades above me that seemed nice enough and I just stood with their group not saying a
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He explained that we will tend to copy what other people are doing rather than being the first to do somehting, he wanted us to excell at being unique and different, putting up our hands individually to volunteer for things most people wouldn 't have the guts to, it was truly an amazing speech and by the end of it we all clapped and congratulated the teacher for making 'science ' such and interesting subject.

Lunch had started and i was yet again looking for some people to stand with. I walked over to the oval, as it we were only allowed down there at lunch it felt like a privelige. I sat down with Patty, a student two grades above me and we started talking. He told me about how life was going and how he hated this school and planned on moving by the end of the year, he really inspired me to think the same way.

Just as the bell went he asked me a question, Have you got a girlfriend? i was confused, he repeated the question, I said yes hesitantly, he then asked who? then i told him the name of a girl in my class, someone who i 'd had a crush on for sometime, the talking stopped and we went back to

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