Personal Narrative: How Canina Changed My Life

I spent one year training at Ginásio Clube Português which is located near a refined square where a beautiful garden stands. My ping pong teacher took me and two other colleagues into somewhere in a white Renault 4; later I met Canina there at the football field. I have met two Canina´s. Canina means a boy which is short in analogy into dogs. The first Canina scored a good goal at my elementary school while the second was traped in our high school though he could fought back and around 1995 he found many girlfriends, I used to see him at Rua Marquês de Fronteira where many social cartoons were placed at the prison was. I have visited this prison in 1988; I was attending the van from the António Coelho Dias printing services.

I had a post card from
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I know one man which hanged his brother, I know one other which killed to death his brother, in Costa I had one eagle as friend, the rain protected me, Orgon that is, I was traced by Wilhelm Reich and I am well. People from Costa are witnesses of my magic powers. Dona Elizete knows me, in those times I had red beard, I was the best goalkeeper from Portugal (after Manuel Arlindo Bento of course, my inspiration), at high school on one match no one could score and I was the hero of that day. Somehow I feel this task despite the fact that I am rational and think that nothing can be something if the feeling is right.

Somehow the astonished hugs from a rainy temper of the moon was around the circles of an halo of hope, it was a magical hour where the realm of the verses which were told by the

45 singers of a lifting balloons across the clear skies of so much light that it seemed that the verve of Alexander was his physical vein of poetry in the European

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