Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience At The Football Field

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I spent one year training at Ginásio Clube Português which is located near a refined square where a beautiful garden stands. My ping pong teacher took me and two other colleagues into somewhere in a white Renault 4; later I met Canina there at the football field. I have met two Canina´s. Canina means a boy which is short in analogy into dogs. The first Canina scored a good goal at my elementary school while the second was traped in our high school though he could fought back and around 1995 he found many girlfriends, I used to see him at Rua Marquês de Fronteira where many social cartoons were placed at the prison was. I have visited this prison in 1988; I was attending the van from the António Coelho Dias printing services. …show more content…
Paprika was one shy boy with spots on his face; he was virgin when I met him. Paprika is one shop at Rua Sampaio Pina, from the daughter of one plummer. The sister of Pedro Barata is red and I was the first boy at high school to have beard. My father has white beard while Paulino Vieira has white curls on his hair. They had taken his hair, police that was. Alexander the painter, is one good man, he was very polite when he told me that he had to go into Berlin to exhibit his pieces of work. Nossa Senhora de Fátima is on the house of Dr. Maria Demeser. Many religious figures stand on this country as well in …show more content…
34 God has punished the people from here, I awoke and it came a bird.

There is one woman called Dona Maria Teresa, she has Alzheimer. I tend to think that natural selection is and again under the banner of the non-existing love among human or like I wrote economy interferes with this natural condition of nature as it was revealed this afternoon with a huge ´tempète´ in Lisbon. I miss the Spanish doctor who has a house on the other side of this small apartment. Often I was going outside or I was inside talking to old friends, none of them appeared.

One boy sold me an owl doll for 20 cents, he had a watch on his arm and together with one other kid they were collecting money.

It was funny and amusing to see children collecting money at the end of the free market in
Stralsund, spring of 2008. Tobias used to look at me when I was smoking.

In one afternoon I used to seat down in front of the São Pedro de Alcântara garden, the light was a mid-previous spring kind, the leafs of the trees were made of an interesting green and often I drank water from the public fountain (perhaps it is finish now). Many things took place on that garden. The last good thing was in April of 2009 when I was walking with my Polish girlfriend,

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