Personal Narrative Essay: My Dad Is A Super Hero

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Anyone that has known me as a toddler would say that I was a daddy’s girl. There was no doubt about it. When I was little, my dad was my world. There was literally no one who could ever be as great as my dad. I never put really thought about how he would only show up once a week or just a little over month. But that didn’t stop me from waiting by the door every day or night for him. I believed his mediocre lies even if I knew they were lies because in my eyes, my dad was a super hero that would do anything for me. Truth is, my dad is not a super hero. He isn’t even close to being a decent father. I was very attached to my father growing up. Even if he was rarely ever there, I never wasted a minute with him. It was great when he’d be with me and played games like hide and seek and tickle monster. …show more content…
I started noticing this when I begged my mom to do a little party for his birthday, jus the three of us. I convinced my mom to buy everything that would make a perfect surprise birthday for the three of us. Streamers hung from the ceiling that we taped to the ceiling along with balloons that numbed my cheeks from blowing up. The table was covered with a plastic birthday table cloth, at the center being the cake with vibrant colors all over. I called my him so many times. Every time ending with his voicemail. I left him voicemail after voicemail begging him to answer my calls and to pass by. I stayed up until my eyes couldn’t bear to open anymore. Basically crying myself to sleep and waking up with puffy eyes and seeing the decorations the very next day hung up that I worked so hard on for my dad. After weeks of him not stopping by, I started growing bitter, I didn’t want to see him. I knew that he was going to lie to my face. I was right. He pretended like he did no wrong. That he loved me for attempting the little party and that he wished he was there to be there but that his job needed

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