Personal Narrative: How Outdoors Affected My Life

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How Outdoors Impacted My Life
When I was young, all I did was play outside. Being outdoors was all we did as kids. Summers consisted of long wiffle ball games that ended up being overly intense, complete eight-teen man baseball games out in the field, and huge blowout soccer games that would last hours. The last, but my most favorite activity was fishing, it is a passion I cannot stray from. From the time I could walk I have fished. While I was planning this paper I struggled with a topic, after days of thought I remembered my Fishing trip to Mexico and knew that was it.
The moment I knew fishing was a lifestyle of mine, I was in Camargo, Mexico. It was a trip with my dad and his childhood friend, Brian. The trip started with a 3 hour drive
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The story was about two fisherman who drove down to Mexico and were captured and tortured. I became cautious but trusted Brian, and trusted we would get to the hotel safely. When we pulled up to our destination it was a tenth of what I expected. The past vacations I had gone on we stayed in luxurious hotels. This was way different, it was a little run down building with dogs everywhere, and a cute old lady sitting in a chair out front. Surprisingly I loved it, I’m not much of a high fashion or luxury kind of guy. While after we got settled, right away got on the water to “wet a line” as my dad would …show more content…
We fished for five days, day after day it was the same intense action. On the second day, we got on the water early just before the sun started peaking over the trees. We fished for hours on end with little results. Continuing the day, we moved to a spot littered with trees in the water. It was like nothing I had seen before, I was very hesitant to cast worried I may snag my line. After countless casts and nothing I was ready to give up. Suddenly my dad hooked into a fish, it wasn’t the biggest but it was hope. I casted a few more times and BAM my lure had been smoked. The fight was on, this fish was like a train underwater, so I knew it was big one. The fish kept breaching the surface and diving back down to the depths of the lake. Minutes into the fight the fish was at the boat. Both the fish and I seemed to be exhausted when it gave in. When we got it into the boat it was massive, nothing like I had seen before in that species. Thankfully we had a guide with us who had a scale. The weight came to be 8.75lbs, which for a bass is massive. After it was released back into the water we headed back for a delicious meal and some rest. The other days we stayed, we did well for fish caught, but no other good sized fish like my bass on that day. When we got back to the states I started to realize how fortunate I am for

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