Personal Narrative Essay : How It Was It I Changed Me?

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Have you ever embarrassed yourself by messing up in front of a lot of people? This story is about a time when I did exactly that. I was performing a song that my guitar teacher had taught me how to play, but I was performing with a band that was more advanced in their playing skills than I was. This day helped shape me into who I was by helping me realize that when you mess up, it’s not the end of the world.
I got up this morning and hurriedly got ready for the day. This was one Saturday that I wasn’t going to sleep in. Right after that I walked into my room and pulled my guitar case out of my closet. I undid the latches and lifted my guitar out gently and casually. I laid the strap across my shoulders, then leaned down and grabbed a pick and a capo out of the small black container in the middle of the neck of the guitar case. I shut my guitar case and walked out of the room. I walked into the living room and sat down on our black leather sofa facing the window which looked into the front yard. I set the capo and pick on the sofa, laid my guitar on the couch with the tuning pegs not touching the sofa so it didn’t mess up the tuning, and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed the closest chair and brought it into the living room. I set it in front of the couch. I picked up my guitar, laid the strap on my shoulders, grabbed my pick and capo, and placed the capo on the second fret. I rehearsed the song “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day from memory. “That sounds

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