Personal Narrative Essay: Ephemeral Euphoria

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Ephemeral Euphoria

Life was joyous, for the boy had not yet met with any calamities. The buoyancy in his happiness reflected his upbringing; slightly spoiled, yet well mannered. It was the boy’s eighth birthday; another year full of delight, but this year, his parents had intended to surprise him. As a collective, both the boy’s parents as well as most of his friends had decided to take the boy to an amusement park, as a sort of pre-party for his birthday party. They had planned to gather up parade balloons; giant elephants, giraffes and even rhinos, stuffing them with glitter and candy, then popping them, creating an abundant array of colours within the sky; one that would mimic a rainbow.

After months of careful planning and consideration,
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Neither frightened nor scared, he had remained calm as through a slight slit in the bag over his head, the amusement park was in sight; his eyes sparkled with merriment. The van came to a sudden halt, and as the doors opened, a blinding light had pierced through the slight slit in the bag that he had been peeking from; momentarily losing his vision and becoming disorientated. Immediately after the doors had opened, the boy had been dragged out and forced to stand. A hand had hesitantly begun to remove the bag over his head; like a pendulum, the boy began to oscillate; this made it especially hard for the mysterious man to remove the bag. Far too impatient and flowing with excitement, the boy removes the bag himself, unveiling a rather large grin similar to that of a Cheshire …show more content…
Coincidentally, at this moment his father decides to pop all the aligned parade balloons. As the Parade balloons began to burst, a bomb had also exploded at precisely the same time. Little speckles of what looked to be dispersing from the rainbow; the glitter, as well as the candy drizzling over the boy, as he continued to pirouette; round and round. Over half the amusement park covered in tiny particles of dust, but the circumcentre, a fool's paradise. Having heard nothing but the sound of his voice echoing; the boy had come to a sudden realisation; it was as if he had discovered a necropolis. Screaming at the top of his lungs, but not a soul in sight to hear his cry; gushing his eyes out at the scenery in front of him. A series of unfortunate events for such a child, a boy's world had fallen to shambles, his name; Theo Faron. A day full of mourning and sorrow, the day his parents' had died; his birthday, the happiest

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