Analysis Of Indira's Day

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Most of Indira’s days begins with her waking up before day breaks near Kathmandu, Nepal. She, her parents and her siblings get ready for the day, eating small amounts of Dal, Bhat and Tarkaari, lentils, rice and curried vegetables. After having eaten, Indira’s family begin their walk to the quarry. The sheer cliffs where stones have been dug from loom above her and she feels the familiar sensation of granite dust settling into her lungs.The sun comes up as she’s lifting a basket of rocks onto her back and climbing out of the pits where she dug them from. After climbing up out of the pit, she grabs a small mallet and begins to break them apart. Dust comes up from her work and the stifling temperatures doesn’t help quicken her pace. Her brother and sister also try help her, smaller mallets in their hands, striking at stones, coughing from dust and ducking from shrapnel that comes up from the granite. After collecting the gravel, they load it into one of the …show more content…
As she ran, the tremors were getting more frequent under her feet. The sides of the quarry were cracking, threatening to split off. She found her parents, her mother was carrying her sister in her arms as she ran for the exit. As she ran she saw the mother with the baby strapped to her back also run, the child was still asleep in the basket.

They get out of the quarry mostly unscathed. All of them coughing out granite dust and brushing it out of their clothing. Indira had a small graze on her chin from a dislodged stone. Her father, however, had fractured his arm when he fell from a ladder. Indira’s mother wants him to be to the hospital to be seen. He refuses to be taken there and is adamant about not getting the medical bill. They argue for a bit and he finally relents after her mother explains that it would be harder for their family if he wouldn’t be able to work than if they had to pay a single medical

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