Personal Narrative Essay: A Piece Of Childhood

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A piece of childhood
Have you ever had the graceful feeling of connection with a person who is no longer with you through a special thing that keeps him or her in your memory? For me, what sustains my relationship with my grandmother is a quince-and-chocolate cake. The pristine flavor of innocence, the tender aroma of chastity, the bittersweet taste of freedom, and the sensation of intimacy – all of these make it such a significant experience. That is why the relationship between me and this dessert is quite personal. As this affair is so special, I always use my grandmother’s recipe to prepare it. Three major steps are involved when I want to plunge into the pleasant memories of my eventful and carefree childhood spent together with my grandmother. First, I bring the blinding snow-whiteness of all the basic ingredients (to prepare the batter), then pour in the intensity and the yellowness of the quinces (for the filling), and last but not least, let in the dark brown color of warmth and comfort of the chocolate. If you want to fly with me over the joyous childhood memories, proceed to the following steps.
First of all, you have to prepare
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To let in the dark brown color of warmth and comfort of the chocolate, you have to create a creamy, thick and chocolatey frosting. For this, sift butter and cocoa together into a large bowl and stir through to remove any lumps. Blend in sugar and milk and beat until the texture of the frosting is smooth, glossy, and frothy. When the milk has been incorporated, add the melted chocolate and continue the beating process. The longer the frosting is beaten, the lighter and fluffier it becomes. Do not be surprised when you find yourself eating a fair amount of it before even using it! You are not the only one who cannot resist this magnificent relish. Spread thickly the remaining frosting to cover completely the top and the sides of the

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