Personal Narrative Essay: A Memorial Day For Me

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I went through a lot, and this was a memorial day for me. This isn’t something that I can forget. People were hurt, killed and abused, for what they believed was true. Some try to forget, but it’s what they have to live with.

Because of who want to forget this, we will have it again. We shouldn’t forget it. It is something that everybody is going to keep in their mind; something so cruel, will not be forgotten!

MY train of THOUGHT

When I was six years old I met this awkward little boy in the next apartment over. He always had his shorts really high and his shirts really low to where it looked like he was wearing a dress. It looked kind of ridiculous but somehow I liked his style and I went to go talk to him. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I do remember him punching me in my arm forcefully and laughing about it. Being confused, I laughed along with him. After, he asked for my name and I told him, Jason Rogers. And as I waited to hear what his name was I stumbled across his bookbag. It had pink glittery flowers with barbies madly laughing. The bag
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I am the type of teenage boy to stay hidden in the back and do my work while secretly judging everybody. I’ve been getting bullied in school since I was in 5th grade. I am currently starting my senior year of highschool. The things they say are really harsh but now after so many years, it doesn’t phase me. I have had all type of rude things said to me from faggot to dicey. They called me dicey during my freshman year of highschool because I tried to kill myself. I had really low self esteem and I thought it would be easier for them to see me gone. I don’t feel that way anymore; I got counseling and I switched schools,but that didn’t stop the new students from bullying me. All I have is one more year of this tedious place and I will be gone and out of everybody 's way. I have a plan for

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