Personal Narrative-Not-If-Get-This House

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It was another boring summer day. Looking at more houses I’m sure we won’t end up buying, and arguing over who-gets-what-room-if-we-actually-get-this-house. My parents have already seen this place, and they’re taking Logan and I to go see it again. It doesn’t really have much for climbing trees in the yard. I don’t fancy it all that much.

As we go inside, everything my parents say is true. It’s got oodles of tile, one random room of laminate, some linoleum in the kitchen, and only a sliver of carpet, but it’s so small and far between. In essence, the whole place is tiled. That looks hard to take out, I think.

Right in your face as you walk in, there is a beige wall. (There are a lot of those in this house) A closet on the left of it (that has a lightbulb inside, fire hazard!) where we can keep our jackets, one opening to the far left that I think leads to the living room, but we don’t go there, we go to the right of the closet-wall. It has a door on it, you can see it as you walk past, it leads to the unfinished basement. On your right, there are double doors, with the
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We don’t go that way. Right in front of us is the family room. There is an aged, green couch, and a not-really-oak-looking-plastic stand for the ancient television. You know, the kind with the wires sticking out the top of it.

Once in the family room (with the extensive vaulted ceiling), you can see the old wood-burning-stove-fireplace in the corner to the left, with orange brick up against the walls next to it. Right in front of you is two doors, with glass in them, leading out onto the deck. Through them, you can see the whole backyard, with the little forest and all.

To the left of that is the kitchen. There’s a peculiar, black, pot-hanger-thingy hanging from the roof right above the island. There’s lots of windows in the kitchen, and a whole bunch of oak cabinets. I hope we get rid of those, I

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