Narrative Essay On Pumpkin Hollow

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The first time I went to pumpkin hollow, I was so scared. We went up to the booth to pay for our bracelets, to get into the forest, the butcher barn and the Frightmare farmhouse. After we paid for our bracelets we stood in line to get into the hayride that takes us to the forest. Whenever we got to the forest we first went to the concession stand to get hot chocolate. Once we got done drinking the hot chocolate, we went to stand in line for the forest of fright. The line was so long we had to wait an hour and a half just to get into the forest. Once we got up to the line I started to get scared. My stomach started turning and it felt like I had little butterflies in my stomach. There was a man standing there checking off the forest of fright on our bracelets. He told us that once we went in we couldn’t turn around and come back through the entrance, once we went in we had to go all the way through. It was time to go in and I was so terrified.It was …show more content…
As soon as I walk in there I take a couple of steps and this person from the roof starts coming down and screaming. Of course I start screaming too, then I take off running. After I get passed that part i stop running and start walking, and there was this person that started walking passed me. Then we come to this place underground and it had 2 coffins, spider webs, lots of smoke and it smelled really rusty in there. There were people that popped out of them and started running at me. Once that part was over with we were at the end, there was just one more part left to go through, the scariest part of the forest. This part of the forest was the part with Jason. I was walking and I didn’t see him and he just popped out from behind a tree and he had a chainsaw and I started screaming and he touched me with the chainsaw. He started chasing after me until I ran out of the forest. By the time I was out I was crying and I was too afraid to go into anything

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