Personal Leadership Development Plan Essays

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Personal Leadership Development Plan
Ivan F Rodriguez
University of Phoenix

This leadership development plan (LDP) is tailored for its author and is not a research paper in the traditional sense. The author begins with his personal framework for leadership. Included are the results of several leadership assessment tools, information from coaching, and personal feedback, and insights into the author’s goals for career and leadership development. The report concludes with thoughts on future development, and evaluating the progress of personal development.
Keywords: development plan, transformational leadership, behaviors, practices, learning process.

It is my learned opinion that leaders are made not born,
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Eliciting feedback from those who work with me is also a critical success factor on my LDP.
In connection with the assessments, I also completed the Life Learning Review (Life). This is also a self-assessment. I give myself the highest ratings on attention to detail. I also rated myself highly on the competencies of creativity, being dependable, caring, and feeling in control. I do prioritize and finish the tasks I start. I noted that I am trustworthy, though not always trusting. I am quite limited in my willingness to confide in others, though I want others to confide in me. Being a friend to others means that I must be supportive and willing to sacrifice, and I feel comfortable with that. I noted my top ten values as: honesty and integrity, individualism, curiosity, competition, respect, responsibility, self-awareness, human relationships, truth, and winning. I do believe that these values are closely tied to my assessments.
Finally, I see myself as being likeable and agreeable. I try to get along with others, just as I try to build relationships with others. I am strongest in matters of values, character, and ethics. I tend to be motivated by challenging opportunities. Sometimes I want to do too much, like when I enroll in multiple degree programs combined with new extreme sports learning (flying airplanes, and scuba diving in deep waters). In some organizational settings I am motivated by

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