Personal Goals Of A Group Counselor Essay

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As a future counselor I want to meet all the standards of counseling clients. Group counseling is a specialization that I am hoping to become very familiar with because of the progress that can take place within a group setting. Also, I want to protect myself as well as the clients that are seeking help in resolving their issues. Personal Goals Advancing Knowledge, Skills, and
Experience as a Group Counselor
My personal goal for advancing my knowledge, skills, and experience to become a competent group counselor is to gain effective techniques in facilitating the group. Research states that “Leaders should consider the rationale underlying the use of a particular technique and consider whether the technique is likely to foster the client’s self-exploration and self-understanding” (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2010, p.6). When working with a
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Research states that “Group workers choose techniques and a leadership style appropriate to the type(s) of group(s) being offered” (Thomas & Pender, 2008, p.113). As a counselor, it would be beneficial for the group to use techniques that I am most familiar and have experience with. If the style of techniques that I am using needs adjusting and I have to try a form of techniques that I have not used before I would seek the assistance of supervisor. Another way I hope to align my personal goals with professional standards is by enhancing my personal development. Research also states that “Group workers remain current and increase knowledge and skill competencies through activities such as continuing education, professional supervision, and participation in personal and professional development activities” (Thomas & Pender, 2008, p.114). There is always new developments in research, competencies, and education that occur for a group psychotherapy and it is important that counselors follow these guidelines in order not to harm their

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