Personal Goals And Reasons For Seeking A Master 's Degree Essay

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Describe your professional goals and reasons for seeking the master 's degree in the identified specialty.
I was 14 years old sitting on my couch in my living room watching TLC a baby story; My mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I remember my mother calling me “Rachelle! It’s time for dinner!” Despite hearing my mother call me several times, my focus had been primarily on watching the TV. I was so amazed by the miracle of life. I remember thinking, Wow, that was the most incredible thing I had have ever seen! I knew from that very moment, that I wanted to work with pregnant women and babies!
Hence, knowing my calling from such a young age I began to prepare myself for a path in healthcare. I began volunteering at a local hospital. Then at 16 years old, I obtained my first job as a secretary in a pediatrician’s office. Growing up in a family filled of physicians and nurses, the pressure was on whether or not to go to medical school or nursing school. I choose to go to nursing school and attended Xavier University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During nursing school I continued to advance my knowledge and skills by working as patient care assistant at University Hospital, in Cincinnati, Ohio in the float pool department. From there I transferred to the ER and worked as an ER tech in a Level One trauma Unit. Being able to apply some of the skills with the knowledge I was learning in nursing school gave me a better understanding…

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