Personal Experiences During High School And Middle School Essay examples

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From the very moment I procrastinated, I knew that the only result ahead was a failure. When attending a school you are always told to plan ahead of time by being organized. However, I always preferred handling my academic work at a snail 's pace. Simply said, I procrastinated leaving everything to the last minute. For some people, being under pressure they tend to produce better results, but on the contrary that is never always the case. Through my personal experiences this didn 't necessarily happen to be the case all the time; sometimes I did better than expected, while other times when I expected to do terrific it would turn out that I did horrible. Most of these personal experiences occurred for me during high school and middle school, when I took on harder courses and tended to procrastinate as the work piled on and on. During pivotal years of high school, I kept leaving homework until the very last minute, even to the point of doing chemistry lab reports a period before they were due. Originally procrastination seemed absurd to me since it relied on having the time and effort to do the work at the last minute. However, like any other bad habits, it has its own appeals. At the beginning, procrastination didn’t seem to affect my quality of work. Since the quality of work was within the passing grade for a course like chemistry, I was more than pleased with the outcome. Just like anything, it soon takes its toll. The longer I procrastinated the lazier I got with my…

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