Personal Narrative: Transfer Student

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Transfer Student As a freshman developing choices were made to the challenges that I had to face that have shaped my life. My academic opportunities were endless learning, achieving my academic goals, and also contributing to thy self-creativity were the majority that formed my path. When I entered the engineering group in Early college high school as a freshman I was determined to be committed but unfortunately I transferred to Harlingen high school to finish high school and receive my diploma. Under the circumstances of getting sick and falling behind in school left me in doubt that I would finish school, but never the less I have idols like my older sister, my mom, and my older brother that have worked their hole entire life to be where …show more content…
I remember that day since it was yesterday when graduating and moving to become a freshman and before reeving my certificates that when the super attendant of Harlingen HCISD. I remember getting a nighty-seven or above on everything I ever did but to say that I did have my down falls which were mostly eighties but never the less that is how I was recommended to attend early college high school. My first day was the worst everybody thought they were better and had there were groups of frenzies which meant that I was alone most of the time. The respond of that accidence was reflected in my grades and I suffered the consequences on not speaking out. I kept it to myself and I hurt myself for it form that moment forward I instantly started to forget my goals, plans, and creativity. I had difficulty accepting that I was falling behind and not understanding and to this day I am still figuring out what I should do after high school which wasn’t a problem before. To be honest my personal life outside school was also in the ruins since I was attending court for a personal matter affecting my relationship with my mother and siblings. This and more affected my career plans and college tuitions witch I have now put a side after …show more content…
So I made up my mind and had something to work hard for and after all my goals stayed the same. I stated and repeated the same thing to not just myself but also my family making sure I wasn’t making any mistakes. After everything I had been through that previous year I wasn’t going to just give up just like that so I stayed focus and formed my hypothesis on the overcome on my path to succeed in my goals. When this year started I told myself that even thought I would have a rough time fitting in I decided not to worry about the outcome of events but for the goal reached. After all I admire my older sister and brother that both have fought for their education since we were all kids. My mother did recovered and supported me and my conscious I have no idea where I would be without my loving mom but ever since I have passed through there and those rough times I just want to say that even if you doubt yourself you have to look around and say “no one is perfect” just “one day at a time” these two metaphors kept me active, prepared, and

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