Essay about Personal Experience Placement : A Low Socio Economic Area

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For Practical Experience Placement, I have been given a year 4 class. The school is located in a low socio-economic area. Due to the lack of education the parents have, the children appear to not care much about their learning, as they have not had much exposure to the joy learning has. This class consists of 26 pupils. There are mixed abilities but the level of learning is quite low. We have 1 autistic student and 1 with Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder. The autistic student also has serve anxiety. There has been a child who was taken out of school for an extended period of time in the first term, coming back to school for the final two weeks. This child has issues making friends, managing their anger, and is quite restless. They have been in several physical and verbal arguments with other students.
The learning and activities have shown that when teaching lessons behaviour management must be prevalent. The children will not learn without this. One or two students misbehaving can cause the entire class to lose focus. The children will try to get away with completing as little work as possible if you do not manage them affectively. I found that teachers will have to be a teacher, parent, counsellor, nurse. They have many roles to fill; they are required to help the students to achieve the requirements of the curriculum while they keep sufficient peace in the room to achieve this.
I have learnt that teaching is just as much parenting students as it is teaching them…

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