Essay On Appropriate Classroom Behavior

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Civility in America- Teaching Appropriate Behavior to Students

Introduction Poor behavior of students not only affects their learning, but it affects the learning ability of other students in the classroom. Everyone should learn the appropriate way to behave in different social situations and environments. In order to understand what appropriate behavior is expected, we need to understand what behaviorism is. Behaviorism is a school of psychology that states that in order to understand human behavior, one needs to take into consideration the different aspects of the environment. How one behaves depends on the environment at the time the behavior occurs (Akert, Aronson, Wilson, 2010).
Children should be taught appropriate behavior at a young age by parents or caregivers. More often than not, students know how to behave appropriately in classrooms, but choose not to. Because teachers are considered role models for their students, it is very important for teachers to display
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When students display disruptive behavior, every student in the classroom is affected. Teachers are responsible for educating a large number of students. When a student displays disruptive behavior the teacher must stop the lesson plan to address the issue. Every student needs to be taught appropriate behavior for the different social situations they are going to encounter.
Behaviorism is a school of psychology that claims that one needs to consider different aspects of the environment in order to understand behavior. People respond differently to different situations. The type of environment they are in at the time of their actions affects their behavior. For example, one usually does not act the same way in church as one does when playing a game of basketball with friends. The environments are different in both social situations causing one’s behavior to be different (Akert ,Arnson, Wilson,

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