Personal Narrative: Finding My Own Beliefs

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Finding My Own Beliefs

When raising their children, parents tend to force feed them with the beliefs they know and grew up on, even if their parents forced it upon them as well. My mother’s mother was heavily religious and brought my mother to church every Sunday, sometimes on weekdays. For her birthdays, she would never get parties, just more church and a cake if she was lucky. As a result, I too was born into a religiously strict household. When Sunday rolled around there was no arguing with my mother. I would just have to wake up, take a shower and get ready for church. I was never given a choice to go nor was a informed of why I had to go to begin with. The person who wrote the following quote remains anonymous, but he states, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, wise people as false and by rulers as useful.” Being forced into Catholicism, I wasn 't given the
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It was a Saturday night and I was sitting in the living room on our brown leather couch, watching MTV’s Girl Code. My mom called for me, “Yes Mom?” “Did you pick out your clothes for tomorrow?” “Mom, I 'm not going.” An extremely puzzled look, complete with scrunched up eyebrows came across my mom’s face. “What do you mean?” So I went on to explain that church didn 't do for me what it did for her. Then I finally said it, “I don 't believe in God.” She acted as if I had just slapped her. I must 've broken her heart, but she 'd never tell me. Instead, she went on a rant saying I would go to hell and this was the work of the devil. Surprisingly enough, her words didn 't have affect me anymore. I proudly stood up for what I believed in (or lack thereof). I love my mom, but she couldn 't force me to be like her. Being non-religious in a religious household was an internal conflict that I thought I 'd just have to deal with forever, but telling my mom took a huge weight off my

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