Essay on Personal Communication Conflict And Resolution

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Personal Communication Conflict
Communication, you are involved in it in every way, shape and form as you start your day and finally as you say your prayers before you go to bed. Nearly every single activity you do involves communication, majority of the time it’s verbal communication or nonverbal communication (actions, speak louder than words), occasionally it is interpersonal communication (small groups typically face to face speaking) or written communication, no matter how you try to deny it, there is no escape from communication.
As you travel about your day it’s so easy for communication to become misconstrued and that is when conflict begins to happen, all conflict is not bad, it really depends on how it is handled and there have been studies that show conflict and resolution help to strengthen relationships.
I work for Comcast Communications, Inc. in Royal Oak, MI. I have been there 17 years in December and have known my coworker, Latonya for over sixteen years. I was really good friends with her sister and her sister and I used to do a lot of stuff together. Just to be clear in 16 years I have engaged with Latonya in maybe five activities outside of work. Three and a half years ago, LaTonya got hired onto my work team. Two years ago I was promoted to a supervisor who is now responsible for the team I use to work with. At this time I supervised four people, Dominique, Wayne, Karen and Latonya. Over the last year and a half we have added three new employees:…

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