And You Thought Your Family Reunion Was Bad Analysis

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And You Thought Your Family Reunion Was Bad
In William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet. Laertes allows his desire for revenge cause him to behave irrationally Throughout the book hamlet many of the characters are consumed with the desire for revenge. Laertes father is killed by hamlet, after he was caught spying on hamlet. Laetes puts up a revolt to make him king. His plan failed when the king told him who killed his dad (hamlet) and trick him to stop his war and kill hamlet. laertes wants revenge so bad that he decides to put poison on his blade to kill hamlet.laertes irrational behaviors which stem from his desires for revenge can be explained using principles of behavioral economics. Laertes snap judgments fueled his desire for revenge and blinded him from thinking straight.Malcolm Gladwell a famous book righter rights in Blink. Thin slicing is a easy way to tell how people act.(page 14) in hamlet latest hates hamlet from the beginning. He judges hamlet without even meeting hamlet or talking to him. Laters tells his sister to stay ways from hamlet because he's a bad man and not in it for love, at this point there is no proof to support Laertes(1. 3.).Laertes allows his snap judgments get in the way later in the book. He finds out that hamlet killed his
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He was primed by the king to do his dirty work. Laertes was tricked to fight hamlet. The king knew that laertes wanted to avenge his father, he also knew that the people wanted laertes to be king. So the king primed Laertes to hate hamlet a lot more and convinced him to kill hamlet in a duel.(4.4-6)priming is a way to put an idea into someone's brain. The king was priming people by saying hamlet was mad, and in love with laertes sister .So when polonius died it made hamlet look even more guilty.letters even admits his shame before he dies. (5.1-4.)showing he regretted his actions,and if he was not blinded by rage and revenge he wouldn't of did what he

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